DNP courses and plans of study:

Our DNP program is a 35-credit postmaster's program. It consists of eleven courses, three of which are the Capstone Project that students complete after finishing their didactic course work. Elective courses are also possible, based on a student's career goals and consultation with his/her faculty advisor.

DNP Program Curriculum - Required Coursework for 2014-2015 Academic Year

Full- and part-time plans of study are possible.

  NRSG 731   Transformational Leadership   Summer   3
  BIOS 806   Biostatistics I   Fall/Spring   3
  NRSG 701   Implementing Evidence-Based Practice   Fall   3
  EPI 820   Epidemiology   Fall, Spring   3
  NRSG 709   Health Care Policy   Spring   3
  NRSG 702   Methods for Assessing Clinical Practice Outcomes   Fall   3
  NRSG 755   Health Care Economics and Financial Management   Fall   3
  NRSG 703   Changing Complex Systems to Improve Health Care Delivery
  • 2 didactic credits
  • 2 practicum credits (90 practicum hours)
  Spring   4
  NRSG 704   Clinical Inquiry   Ongoing, after completion of prerequisites   Minimum
of 7
  NRSG 705   Clinical Inquiry: Development of the Capstone Proposal Problem Statement   Spring (beginning 2014)   1
  NRSG 706   Clinical Inquiry: Development of the Capstone Proposal Literature Review   Fall   1
  NRSG 707   Clinical Inquiry: Development of the Capstone Proposal Conceptual Framework and Methods   Fall   1

Please note: The DNP curriculum will continuously evolve to offer superior preparation for advanced clinical practice. Course numbers, titles and other details are subject to change.