FAQ - ARHC Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work? The Advanced Rural Hospital Care (ARHC) program includes three courses to provide additional education and clinical experiences to increase FNPs’ competencies to practice in rural CAHs. The three courses can be taken in tandem with the current FNP program.

How will I manage adding these classes to my current FNP workload? The program courses compliment and expand the primary care focus of an FNP program with an emergency/ acute care emphasis in rural hospital settings.

What is a Critical Access Hospital (CAH)? A Critical Access Hospital (CAH) is a hospital located in a rural area. These Hospitals are geographically isolated from Tertiary Care Hospitals. CAH’s have a maximum 25 acute care inpatient beds and are over 35 miles from another hospital.

NRSG 641 Advanced Rural Hospital Care I 1 cr
NRSG 642 Advanced Rural Hospital Care II 1 cr
NRSG 643 Advanced Rural Hospital Care III 6 cr
  Total for ARHC Program TOTAL 8 cr

Fast Facts
Advanced Rural Health Care (ARHC) program

Designed for Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) students desiring preparation to meet the challenges in advanced rural emergency and hospital care.

Take courses on the College of Nursing Campus across Nebraska and attend exciting skills practicum sessions on UNMC Omaha Campus.

Rural areas rely on family nurse practitioners to not only provide primary care to their patients, but also fill the gap in hospital emergency and inpatient care provision. The goal of the ARHC program is to prepare APRNs to provide high-quality healthcare in rural Nebraska.

Program implemented January 2012

“Providing adequate nursing and medical staffing is a major challenge in providing inpatient and emergency medical services in rural hospitals, particularly CAH’s”
Barnason & Morris, 2011