Family Nurse Practitioner

MSN Specialty Track 2

Family Nurse Practitioner

Program of study — 3 years full time — part-time options  
Required MSN core courses * are included in the schedule below.

MSN Specialty Family Nurse Practitioner  
VARIOUS * Graduate Statistics 3
NRSG 602/802 * Nursing Scholarship 4
NRSG 603/817 * Leadership in Nursing 3
NRSG 604/804 * Health Systems Innovation & Improvement 3
NRSG 605/818 Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses I 3
NRSG 606/883 Applied Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nurses 3
NRSG 607/833 Advanced Assessment Across the Life Span 3
NRSG 609/809 * Health Promotion for Populations 3
NRSG 636/882 Advanced Skills Clinical Practicum 2
NRSG 637/886 Health Promotion in Primary Care for Individuals and Families 3
NRSG 638/887 Primary Health Care of Young Families 6
NRSG 639/888 Primary Health Care of Older Families 6
NRSG 640/889 Advanced Primary Health Care of Families 6
  TOTAL — Family Nurse Practitioner 48

* Required course — MSN core curriculum  

  Part-time study options

  • We offer flexible, part-time study options to fit the busy lives of RNs.
  • For this specialty: a common part-time path is 8 semesters or 4 years.
  • You may take up to 5 years to complete your MSN.
  • Ask a graduate student services representative or faculty advisor for guidance in planning a part-time schedule that fits your goals, work schedule and family responsibilities.

NP credentialing

Graduates are eligible to take the Nurse Practitioner certification exam in this specialty.  


If you have questions, please call or email a student services representative.