Transferring Credits to UNMC

  • When taking a class at a school other than UNMC, it is your responsibility to request a transcript be sent to UNMC to ensure the class is added to your UNMC transcript.
  • Before taking a class you intend to transfer for credit, confirm the class is acceptable for your program by consulting with your academic advisor. Click for a complete list of courses approved for transfer to UNMC College of Nursing.
  • If a course is not listed on the list, the student should talk to his/her advisor first about requesting a transfer of course credit.
  • The student will need to give their advisor a current course syllabus. In some instances additional material may be required.
  • A course instructor will review the material and send a recommendation to the Professional Graduate Nursing Curriculum Committee.
  • Following approval, your records will reflect the transfer credit.
  • All courses presented for transfer must meet the policy that all coursework for the master’s degree must be completed within 5 years prior to graduation.