Kearney's LRC

Kearney’s Learning Resource Center

The Kearney Learning Resource Center includes computer labs, a simulation room and practice lab areas, as well as distance education facilities. It serves faculty and student needs in supporting learning with various media and experiential learning activities.

The LRC is a place for students to meet and work on various activities from checking email to researching papers. The LRC provides equipment to check out for use in the nursing student's education. The Skills Lab includes three exam tables and five hospital beds. The simulation lab includes in-room video capture and conference room table and chairs.

The computer lab consists of 14 computers total (12 in the lab and 2 in nearby conference room), 75 laptops for testing (which are also used by students in the building), in addition to laser printers. There is also access to various UNK computer labs, including two in the West Center Building. In addition, the West Center Building provides wireless access to students.

All students are allowed access to the computer lab and skills lab 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling Campus Security.

The LRC also provides support for IP Video – Internet Protocol Video, a means to transmit video in real time to another location equipped to receive internet video stream in real time, allowing students in Kearney to take classes which originate on one of the other four College of Nursing campuses.

The UNMC College of Nursing Kearney campus admits approximately 48 students a year to the traditional program, for a total of 96 students in attendance at a time. Graduate nursing students also utilize the LRC space.

Additional details of the Kearney LRC:

Number of square feet: Skills lab – 728 square feet
Computer labs – 476 square feet
Simulation room – 345 square feet
Number of skills labs: 1 clinical skills lab that has 5 beds and 3 exam tables. There are otoscope/ophthalmoscope and blood pressure cuffs mounted on the wall by each bed/exam table.
Number of simulation rooms: 1 simulation room which is used to portray a variety of health care scenarios in such settings as med/surg, ICU, labor and delivery, and pediatric
Number of human patient simulators: 1 SimMan high fidelity
1 Noelle human birthing simulator
1 child and 1 baby VitalSim, mid fidelity patient simulator
1 CathSim IV simulator
Number of computers in student lab: 12, plus 2 in adjoining conference room

Student equipment:
Audiovisual library:

  • The College of Nursing owns more than 500 video tapes/DVDs
  • Videos can be checked out to be used in the building
  • Numerous reference books and ATI library

Nursing equipment (available on loan to the nursing student):

  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Scales
  • Various other health care equipment

Computer equipment: Student computer lab has 14 computers with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 10 software, located in West Center Building Rooms 141W, 142W and 143W.

Student Mail Boxes: All students are assigned a student mailbox. Student mailboxes are located in the Computer Lab Room 141 in the filing cabinets.

Mailing address:
UNMC College of Nursing - Kearney
1917 W 24th St
Kearney, NE 68849

Physical Location: West Center Building – UNK

Phone: (308) 865-8781

LRC hours of operation: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Computer lab hours:  8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                      Until 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday
                                      Available 24/7 with building pass

Diane Feldman, LRC Coordinator
West Center 145W