Learning Centers

Each of the UNMC College of Nursing campuses has a Learning Resource Center (LRC) that provides hands-on experiences for the nursing students which enables them to learn and practice assessment, technical and critical thinking skills in a realistic health care environment. Each LRC serves the following functions:

  • Clinical Skills Labs: Students practice their clinical skills such as intravenous insertion, vital sign assessment, wound care, catheterization, medication administration, and oxygen therapy.
  • Simulation: Each campus has a designated area for simulation and this is where the nursing students interact with the high-fidelity simulators in a safe, non-threatening environment while providing health care. Specific scenarios are developed for each course so that the simulation objectives align with the course content.
  • Assessment: For the undergraduate nursing students, in their first semester they will take “Health Assessment Throughout the Life Course” and each campus has exam tables with an assessment setup to facilitate the faculty in their instruction of the students. Graduate students also use the assessment classrooms either to practice or on the Omaha campus, during their on-campus skills week.
  • Computers: Available for student use and include the latest Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.

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