MSN Family Courses - NRSG 635-649

NRSG 637 Health Promotion and Advanced Clinical Skills In Primary Care for Individuals and Families
Assessment and interventions for risk management, disease prevention, and case findings for individuals and families across the lifespan.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: Admission to the Professional Graduate Nursing Program or permission of the instructor. Twelve (12) months of recent full time clinical experience per CON policy.
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 5 credits (3 didactic/2 clinical)

NRSG 638 Primary Health Care of Young Families
Knowledge and skills for providing primary health care to children and childrearing families.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: NRSG 637 or permission of instructor.
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 - 7 credits (3 didactic/ 3 or 4 lab)

NRSG 639 Primary Health Care of Older Families
Knowledge and skills for providing primary health care to middle-aged and older families. Focus is on risk management and care of acute and chronic illnesses.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: NRSG 637 or permission of instructor.
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 - 6 credits (3 didactic/0 - 3 lab)

NRSG 640 Advanced Primary Health Care of Families
Comprehensive primary health care is provided to individuals and families across the lifespan. Didactic content addresses advanced nursing practice issues and policies affecting delivery of primary health care.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: NRSG 638, NRSG 639 or permission of instructor.
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 - 6 credits (1 didactic/2 - 5 lab)

NRSG 641 Advanced Rural Hospital Care (ARHC) I
This course provides FNP’s with advanced experiences in rural hospital care. It focuses on recognition of urgent and emergent clinical presentations and management strategies of acute or chronic illness or injuries in the emergency department (ED) and inpatient rural hospital settings for patients across the lifespan. This course includes 45 clinical hours in direct inpatient and ED management experience with a preceptor.

CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 credits (1 didactic/2 clinical)

NRSG 642 Advanced Rural Hospital Care (ARHC) II
The content in this course will build upon NRSG 641 and focus on additional emergency care and hospital management of acute conditions and exacerbations of chronic conditions. Content is centered on access to care, delivery of evidence based care, coordination of care for the critically injured or ill patient as well as use of utilization of quality indicators in evaluating patient care outcomes.

CREDIT ALLOCATION: 4 credits (1 didactic/3 clinical)

NRSG 643 Advanced Rural Hospital Care (ARHC) III
This capstone course is in the Advanced Rural Hospital Care program for FNP's. It focuses on integration of theory and research into advanced clinical practice in the rural hospital setting. The emphasis is on evidence based holistic care in which physical, cultural, economic and legal/ethical focuses and resources of the individual/family/community are applied in case management in the rural hospital setting.

CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 clinical credits

NRSG 648 Special Topics In Primary Health Care Nursing
Provides opportunity to explore selected topics or clinical problems related to advanced practice in primary health care nursing in depth. Either independent study involving readings developed in consultation with instructor, or seminar for which topics will vary depending upon the objectives identified by students and faculty.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: Permission of instructor
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 1 - 6 credits