Master's - MSN

Ready for the next level of nursing professionalism?

Our MSN specialty tracks will increase your expertise, expand your skills and equip you with new credentials to advance your career.  

A top-ranked graduate program at a top-tier nursing school

See Why UNMC for your MSN? Leadership preparation and multiple specialty options enable you to pursue an advanced career:

  • Nurse practitioner
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Nurse educator training
  • Nurse leader/executive
  • Path to doctoral researcher/educator/administrator

Specialty track choices

NP — Nurse Practitioner     CNS — Clinical Nurse Specialist  

All specialties above — plus the nurse educator option immediately below — are also available as a Postmaster's Certificate (PMC)  

Dual training as a teacher

All specialty tracks above may be combined with our nurse educator training. If you've always wanted to teach — or perhaps just thought about teaching your profession — this is an ideal way to acquire credentials in a care specialty and as an educator.

It's also a smart move for your career. The nationwide nursing shortage is mirrored in a serious shortage of qualified faculty — and thus your teaching skills will be in heavy demand for years to come.  

Flexible distance/online education to fit your schedule

Curriculum comes to you in advanced web-based applications, including synchronous and asynchronous classes — so you can plan your studies around your work/family schedule. Supporting you: a digital buffet of learning resources, student-teacher interaction and technical support. See online ed flexibility

Satisfy clinical requirements locally — conduct research assignments locally

Clinical requirements may be satisfied in your community or one nearby, using local preceptors. Research projects, if applicable to your course of study, may also be conducted locally if/as the research subject allows. 

Full or part-time study options

  • Most of our MSN students pursue a part-time plan of study.
  • See MSN specialty tracks for full and part-time study plan examples by specialty.
  • You may take up to 5 years to complete your MSN.


If you have questions after reviewing our MSN pages, please contact a student services representative.  

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MSN student and graduate assistant profile
    How to describe Lisa Biga? High energy. High focus. High motivation. She also loves learning. She has a bachelor's degree in business and a master's in health promotion earned while working at a Fortune 500 firm. Finding that "not meaningful," she then got a BSN while working two jobs at two hospitals. Her MSN specialty track, nurse practitioner in women's health, fits between full-time work in ICU and as a graduate assistant. Inspiration came from her parents, both teachers. Her model was watching ICU nurses care for her grandfather: "They helped families. They gave me strength." A goal is to own a women's holistic health clinic focused on evidence–based practice. 
  "I love UNMC. I love the College of Nursing."