Morehead Center

Morehead Center for Nursing Practice (MCNP)

  The Morehead Center for Nursing Practice brings College of Nursing faculty practices together in a centralized and integrated system designed to support academic nursing practice. Formed in 2004 and named for a grateful patient, the Center supports current faculty practice and the development of future practices. The Morehead Center for Nursing Practice positions the College of Nursing to become a national leader in academic nursing practice models.  
  Today, academic nursing practice at UNMC provides leadership in reducing health disparities and improving the quality of care throughout Nebraska. In addition, CON faculty with active practices provide leadership in the areas of practice, scholarship, and policy at the regional, national and international level.  

The Morehead Center for Nursing Practice supports faculty as they work to:

  • Reduce health disparities by providing care to underserved patients in an environment focused on service learning and evidence-based practice
  • Demonstrate innovative, patient-centered models of nursing practice and health care
  • Lead efforts to translate research into practice
  • Support nursing education across the health care continuum, preparing nurses for the diversity of experiences that will be needed in the future
  • Improve information management at the patient, provider, and system level
  • Lead development of public policy to improve healthcare quality and eliminate health care disparities through support of nursing practice locally, state-wide, and nationally
  MCNP coordinates and administers faculty nursing practice activities by assisting with:  
  Business Planning
  Practice Governance
  Budgeting and Re-budgeting
  Policies and Procedures
  Malpractice Insurance
  Contractual Agreements
  Quality Improvement
  Clinical Privileging
  Evaluation Processes
  Categories of faculty practice include:  
  • 1. Academic Nurse Managed Health Centers
    • Mobile Nurse Managed Clinic
    • Lincoln Senior Health Promotion Center
  • 2. Academic Nursing Services
  • 3. Individual Faculty Practice Across 5 CON Divisions
  • 4. Health Services Evaluation Research & Consultation
  • 5. Nursing Center Research
  AANP Video Now Online  
  We are very pleased to inform you that the AANP video is currently streaming online. It has been successfully uploaded to both YouTube and Google. To view, please click on one of the links below.

The segment can also be found on these sites by either searching under American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or National Medical Report.

We will receive the schedule soon for the airing on national TV - as soon as we get, we will let everyone know.
  For more information please contact:  
  Interim Director: Linda Sather, EdD, RN 402-559-6616