Manuscript Submission

The NNRC will provide support for the submission of publications.   This will include:

  • Assistance with identification of appropriate journal
  • Retrieving abstract or author guidelines
  • Support with diagrams, tables, figures (software to include Visio)
  • Support with RefWorks

The Journal Manuscript Submission Guideline grid was developed by members of the Houfek Writing Circle to assist its members in identifying appropriate journals for manuscript submission. Graduate students assisted with organizing the material and retrieving information. We shared this Grid with CON Research committee and NNRC. It was suggested that this grid might be helpful to other CON faculty and students. Any information to be added is to be submitted to the NNRC. Please provide the information for all the columns to her and she will amend the gird. The Houfek Writing Circle members (Julia Houfek, Teresa Barry, Polly Hulme, Kathy Kaiser, Marge Kaiser, Audrey Nelson) are pleased to share this resource.   Download Journal Guidelines