PhD Core Curriculum

PhD core curriculum
Minimum required courses


  Nursing Core Courses (all 10 courses must be taken)  
  Course   Title   Credits  
  NRSG 909   Health Care Policy   3  
  NRSG 916   Independent Study in Nursing Science - State of the Science   3  
  NRSG 930   Socialization to the Scholarly Role   3  
  NRSG 931   Transformational Leadership Amid Health Care Crisis and Reform: Bold Ideas, New results, and Lasting Change   3  
  NRSG 932   Philosophy of Science   3  
  NRSG 933   Theory Development in Nursing & Health Sciences   3  
  NRSG 934   Qualitative Research Methods   3  
  NRSG 935   Quantitative Research Methods   3  
  NRSG 936   Research Practicum   3  
  NRSG 937   Proposal Development & Grant Administration   3  
  Total Credits     30  
  Statistics Courses  
  Course   Title   Credits  
  BIOS 806   Biostatistics I (offered by the College of Public Health)   3  
  BIOS 808   Biostatistics II (COPH)   3  
  Total Credits     6 (36)  
  Course   Title   Credits  
      Courses from other disciplines and/or nursing in areas of concentration study   9  
  Total Credits     9 (45)  
  Course   Title   Credits  
  NRSG 998   Doctoral Seminar (every Fall and Spring semester between completion of core courses and final defense)   2 - 3  
  NRSG 999   Doctoral Dissertation (minimum)   15  
  Total Credits     62 +  


Total required credits

  Traditional PhD   62 + cr
  Fast Track BSN to PhD   80 + cr


Plans of Study

PhD Student profile
  Nadin Abdel Razeq  
PhD student Nadin Abdel Razeq found UNMC through a web search. Her specialty interest is neonatal and pediatric pain management. Upon completion of her degree, she plans to teach, practice and do research in Jordan. 

"People here are so friendly, open and helpful."