Phone Bridge Access

UNMC ITS Operations Center

The UNMC ITS Operations Center is staffed from 7 am to 6 pm to assist students, if needed. Please call 402-559-8090

Instructions for Dialing into the Phone Bridge for UNMC Classes

  1. Call the number provided for your class (I.E. 402-557-8049, used for all CON classes). If you are dialing long distance, use the 402 area code. If you are a local call, do not.

  2. You will hear an automated voice say “Hello, Welcome to the Conferencing System. Please enter your class or conference password, if required.”

  3. Enter a conference code. (This will be the class call number; such as 852 for NRSG 852.)

  4. Then press the Pound Key (#).

  5. You will then be entered into your class or conference.

  6. As you begin to hear the audio from the classroom, announce yourself to the instructor. “Hello, this is Linda from Ainsworth.”

  7. If the instructor is not yet present, or no one recognizes you, wait a few minutes and check in again.

  8. When you are using the Codian Phone bridge, you are able to MUTE your outgoing audio by pressing *6 on your desk phone touch pad. To UNMUTE, press *6 again. For cell phones, utilize your MUTE option on your phone.

Note: If the conference is not running or the code has been misdialed, an automated voice will state “I do not recognize that code.” In such a case, either redial the code, or make sure it is at least a ½ hour before the class.