Postmaster's - PMC

Expand your knowledge, skills and credentials

A Postmaster's Certificate (PMC) prepares you:

  • for advanced practice, leadership or administration in a second specialty.
  • to teach your existing specialty.

PMC paths to a second specialty

You can earn a PMC in any of our MSN specialty track choices:

See Postmaster's options.  

PMC completion qualifies you for Nurse Practitioner (NP) / Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) certification exams.  

For the parent structure on which the PMC curriculum is based, see MSN specialty tracks

PMC preparation to teach your current specialty.

Second-specialty PMC course flexibility based on your MSN background, nursing experience and career goals.

Depending on previous coursework in your MSN program, you may be able to tailor your PMC course of study. A faculty advisor in your new chosen specialty can provide guidance based on your MSN classroom/clinical training, your experience as a practicing nurse, and your professional goals.  

Certain criteria may apply based on your specific course of study. Ask a student services representative for more information.  

Distance-friendly education — full or part time.

Online educational flexibility is an advantage of all our graduate nursing programs. See advanced web-based learning.  

Satisfy clinical requirements locally.

Clinical requirements may be satisfied in your community or one nearby, using local preceptors.  

Top-ranked graduate program.

The UNMC College of Nursing is ranked in the top 8% of graduate programs by U.S. News and World Report.  

Application and program start dates.

PMC application due dates and program start dates are the same as our MSN program. See key dates/calendar.  


Contact a student services representative.  

Apply now

Responsive, needs-based PMC curriculum with accelerated options
  All our PMC tracks address urgent needs in modern nursing — today and projected for decades to come.  

UNMC College of Nursing faculty members have been awarded federal grants to implement educational programs to help solve the shortage in key nursing specialties under especially heavy demand — across Nebraska and throughout the U.S.  

These needs-based educational grants are comprehensive in program structure, offering advancement paths for RNs of all degree levels.  

Each grant program carries a PMC component.   The first two PMCs below are accelerated options to get more nurses into service faster in underserved specialties facing surging demand now and in the years ahead.  

1. Geriatric NP — Accelerated Master's Post-Certificate (GNP-MAP)  

2. Psychiatric Mental Health NP — Sprint Track Certificate (PIPN)  

3. Nurse Leader Executive Advanced Development Certificate (LEAD)  

  Applying the latest innovations in distance education flexibility and convenience, UNMC is a national leader in helping nurses to expand their skills and advance their careers.