Niedfelt Center

Niedfelt Nursing Research Center

The College of Nursing (CON) is committed to increasing its research initiative. Since 1969 the Niedfelt Nursing Research Center (NNRC), housed within the CON, has provided extensive support for faculty and student research efforts toward that initiative. Currently, CON ranks in the top third of U.S. School of Nursing in National Institute of Health (NIH) funding for research in fiscal year 08-09. The NNCR has been one key to growth of research. The NNRC was originally established in 1969 as the Nursing Research Center and was one of the first non-federally supported nursing research centers in the nation.   In 1988 it was formally renamed the NNRC to honor Florence Niedfelt’s memory and significant donation to the College of Nursing. Mrs. Niedfelt stipulated that a portion of the bequest was to go towards furthering the education of nursing students.

The NNRC team actively supports the college’s objective to increase national prominence as a research health sciences center. This is accomplished by pursuing four objectives:

  • Facilitate research activities and development;
  • Promote collaboration and mentoring;
  • Enhance research resources and facilities;
  • Liaison with UNMC research offices.

NNRC was relocated in 2011 to the new CNS building with offices and a conference room which includes a collection of books on measurement, research methods, and statistics and maintains a sizable collection of instruments for collection of biobehavioral data.  The Center assists in planning and developing grants and grant budgets. Grant support also includes both formative and summative mock reviews of grant applications, administrative support and study design support from the college and UNMC’s Center for Collaboration on Research, Design, and Analysis (CCORDA) in the College of Public Health.