resident alumni

Resident Alumni

2014 Graduates

1 in fellowship (MFM), 2 in private practice

2013 Graduates

Libby Crockett, MD - I'm happy I chose UNMC because I have gotten a fantastic medical education in women's health & I have had so many amazing opportunities for professional development that I do not think I would have received elsewhere!  Omaha is a fantastic place to live, with many opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Omaha is easy to get around and has a low cost of living.  After graduation, I will be joining the UNMC Dept of Ob/Gyn as a faculty member in the fall of 2013.  I will also be starting course work in an MPH program in the area of Maternal Child Health.

Abigail Delaney, MD - I'm happy I chose UNMC because UNMC showed me that UNMC is full of people dedicated to education and the well-being of patients.  I am happy to announce that my residency experience has met my every expectation.  After graduation, is to fulfill my life dream by helping people achieve their dreams of becoming parents.  My family and I will be moving to Louisville, KY where I will be completing a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (REI) at the University of Louisville.  I hope to return to Nebraska at some point a an REI!

Valerie French, MD - I'm happy I chose UNMC because the best part of being a resident was my fellow residents.  I don't know where I would be without them!  After graduation, I will be headed to the University of California-San Francisco to pursue a fellowship in family planning.  After completing my fellowship, I plan to return to the Midwest to practice at an academic institution.

Jean Chakraborty, MD - I'm happy I chose UNMC because we have the best group of residents anyone could hope to find.  They are my family and I couldn't imagine sharing my four years with anyone else! 

2013 Graduates

2 in fellowship (REI – Family Planning), 1 – in academic practice at UNMC, 1 in private practice

2012 Graduates

1 in fellowship (MFM), 2 in private practice, 1 in military practice

2011 Graduates

1 in fellowship (MFM), 2 in private practice

2010 Graduates

1 in academic practice in TX, 2 in private practice

2009 Graduates

2 in fellowships (MFM & Pelvic Floor), 1 in private practice

2008 Graduates

3 in private practice

2007 Graduates

1 in academic practice, 2 in private practice