Daily Events

Daily Events


Benign Gynecology: Resident education on the Benign Gynecology service will be scheduled on a regular basis to include three structured events. The HOIV on gynecology will be responsible for contacting the attending physician a week in advance to plan the time based on the operating schedule. The GynRounder on Monday and Thursday will serve as the faculty leader. This communication may be direct, by phone or email. The HOIV on gynecology will assure that all members of the team have information about the times, needed information for pre-op conference and the topic for discussion on Thursday.

  • Monday Pre-Op Conference - typically 0700 or 1600. Cases scheduled for the upcoming week will be discussed focusing on preoperative planning and decisions regarding appropriate surgical management.
  • Thursday Topic-Based Conference - typically 0700 or 1600. This conference will be based on a chapter, article or topic chosen by the HOIV. It will be resident level discussion regarding patient care issues.
  • Friday at 0700 - Diagnostics Conference - see discussion below.

Gynecologic Oncology: Resident education on the Gynecologic Oncology service will be scheduled on a regular basis to include a series of events. The HOIV on the service will be responsible for communicating with the attending physicians, residents and students regarding the time.

  • Daily bedside/rounding teaching will occur in the morning and late afternoon. This will focus on hospitalized patient care. Caffeine required.
  • Tumor conference - see discussion below.
  • Friday Conference - Friday afternoons are dedicated to education on this service. Discussions regarding chemotherapy, preoperative planning, presentations by students and residents and review of key chapters will be undertaken at these times. Popcorn, peanut M&M’s and Twizzlers are often necessary.

Obstetrics: Resident education on the Obstetrics service will be scheduled on a regular basis. Morning check out will be a portion of the time utilized for resident education. Student presentations will be succinct, covering the major issues of the in house patients and limited to two patients per day. Complicated patients will be presented by the residents.

  • Daily meeting in the MD Interaction Room on Labor and Delivery at 0700 Monday through Thursday.
  • Presentation of in house patients 0700 to 0730.
  • Topic discussion 0730 to 0800 with topics on the white board the week before.
  • Topics on Tuesday and Thursday will be supervised by MFM. A list will be developed this year to assure that topics are covered in a organized manner on these two days.
  • Topics will include but not be limited to chapters, articles, current patient care issues and fetal heart rate tracings. The attending or chief resident may request a topic change during any given week for maximal resident benefit.
  • Friday at 0700 - Diagnostics Conference - see discussion below.