Maternal Care Program

The Maternal Care Program is a Title V funded program that provides wrap around services to pregnant women in The Olson Center for Women’s Health. These services include health education for the pregnancy as well as lifespan health to improve the quality of patients’ lives between pregnancies. Social work services for the Maternal Care Program include financial assessment, assistance with Medicaid applications, information and referral to community agencies and patient advocacy. In addition to nursing and social work staff The Maternal Care Program also has a WIC dietician that provides nutrition education and WIC vouchers to patients.

The Maternal Care Program has been in place since the 1960’s and its primary focus is the underserved. Populations that traditionally experience barriers to care are the program’s priority, however all women are welcome. Classes and individual teaching are offered to patients to increase knowledge and awareness of topics such as preterm labor, breast feeding, interconception health, contraception and healthy behaviors, in an effort to improve infant mortality in Nebraska.  To register for the program, please call 402-559-4500.