Laboratory of Ovarian Cancer


Research Interest:

Ovaries provides not only eggs for reproduction, but also female hormones for normal physiological action. Under certain circumstances, pathological processes also take place in the mammalian ovary causing infertility, sub-fertility or diseases such as ovarian cancer.  Research in my laboratory focus on identification of the intra-ovary signals and molecules that contribute to the physiological and pathological changes in the ovary so that novel diagnostic or therapeutic methods can be developed to improve woman’s health.

Current Research Projects

Laboratory Personnel:
Guohua Hua, PhD, research associate
Xiangmin Lv, MS, graduate student
Chumbo He, BS, graduate student
David Fu, visiting student

Visiting students are encouraged to join our research group. Participation of junior students in biomedical research can foster their interest in ovarian biology and can help them to develop a career in biomedical sciences in the future. Currently, David Fu from Burke High School is working as a visiting student to explore functions of the Hippo pathway in the initiation and progression of granulosa cell tumor (GCT). Together with Xianmin Lv, they have found that YAP, the effector of the Hippo signaling pathway, plays an important role in the proliferation, migration and steroidogenesis of GCT cells. Their results have been published in a high impact journal.

Cheng Wang, PhD