Dr. Cudzilo M3 Survival Guide to OB (Orientation Day) 
Dr. Carlson Womens Health History (Orientation Day)
Dr. Amoura/Dr. Stancil Lifecourse
Dr. Tomich Maternal Physiology (Orientation Day)
Dr. Carlson M3 Orientation Day
Dr. Amoura

Case Studies in Contraception
Reference for Contraception Lecture

Dr. Berg Hypertension in Pregnancy
Dr. Carlson Pelvic Mass
Dr. Carlson Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Dr. Crockett Amenorrhea & Abnormal Puberty
Dr. Finney Infections in Women
Dr. Griffin Management of Common Breast Complaints
Dr. Griffin Chronic Pelvic Pain
Dr. Kinney         Preventing Cervical Cancer
Dr. Nakad Preterm Labor
Dr. Olesh Bleeding in Pregnancy
Dr. Olesh Ectopic Pregnancy
Dr. Remmenga Ovarian/Endometrial Cancer
Dr. Rodabaugh  Cervical and Vulvar Cancer 
Dr. Rodabaugh Vulvar & Vaginal Disease
Dr. Stancil Infertility
Dr. Stancil Chronic Pelvic Pain
Dr. Tomich Preterm labor & PPROM
Dr. Tomich Fetal Monitoring (Orientation Day)
Dr. Smith Medical Complications of Pregnancy
Dr. Ziegenbein Menopause & Aging
Dr. Ziegenbein Incontinence in Women
Dr. Ziegenbein Pelvic Organ Prolapse/Urinary Incontinence