Lighting the Spark of Medical Education, Scientific Innovation, & Patient Care

The UNMC Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation has a national reputation for educating outstanding surgeons, and our reputation for innovative research is also garnering national attention. In addition to research related to patient care, department faculty members are doing research in basic science, biomechanical engineering, computer simulation, and nano-biotechnology. The following list shows the names and sources of grants the department has received during the calendar years shown:



“Material Science Smart Coatings”

“Simplified Orthopaedic Surgery”



Tohoku Univ.: “Wear Characterization of Metal-on-metal Total Hip Replacement Components with Differing Carbon Content.”

Arthrex, Inc.: “A Battery of Tests to Characterize the Arthrex TKR System - Contact Area & Stress, Constraint and Range of Motion, and Modular Interlock Strength.”

Arthrex, Inc.: “Wear Tests for the Arthrex CR, CR-CS and PS TKR Components.” 

Exponent: “Testing Total Knee Replacement Systems Under Simulated High Abrasion Conditions: Testing the Stelkast PS System for 2 million Cycles.” 

Ortho Development: “Wear Testing of 2 Types of UHMWPE Using Force-controlled Knee Simulators per ISO 14243-1.”

Ortho Development: “Pin-on-Disk Screening Wear Test of Four Types of UHMWPE.”


Renovis Surgical Technologies: “Characterization of CIMA and E-CIMA UHMWPE as a Bearing Against CoCr Femoral Hip Components Under Abrasive Conditions.”

Renovis Surgical Technologies: “Modularity Strength Tests of the A200 CR Knee System.”

Gruppo Bioimplanti: “A Simulator Study of the Wear of Posterior Stabilized Tibial Bearings.”

Exponent: “An In-vitro Wear Durability Study of the Stelkast Knee Systems, Comparing Two Bearing Material Types”

Exponent: “A Simulator Wear Study of Metallic-on-Plastic and Ceramic-on-Plastic Total Hip Replacement Systems from Japan”

Biomet: “Strength and Longevity of Vitamin E Highly Cross Linked Polyethylene of a Revision TKR System (E1 vs PS+)”

Emperical Testing Corp.: “Characterization of the Wear of Aged vs. Un-Aged Polyethylene; A Pin on Disc Study”

Biomet: “A Simulator Study of the Wear of Large Size Vanguard SSK Constrained ArCom Tibial Bearings”

Arthrex Inc.: “WO2011-001 Friction Characteristics of Two Polyurethane Materials against Canine Cartilage”

Biomet: “Knee Simulator Test to Determine Wear Properties of Prelude Knee”


Empirical Testing: “A Battery of Steady State In-Vitro Characterization Tests for a New Total Knee Replacement System by Synergy”

Empirical Testing: “In-Vitro Durability and Evaluation of a New Total Knee Replacement System by Synergy”

Empirical Testing: “Simulation and Simulator Wear Testing of a New Total Hip Replacement Design by Synergy”

Biomet: “In-Vitro Study to Determine the Wear Durability of Surface Engineered and Ion Implanted Titanium CR Total Knee Replacement Systems”

SoftJoint, Inc.: “Preliminary Exploratory Assessment of the Longevity of a Novel Hydroswellable Polyether Urethane Interpositional Femoral Head Implant”

Exponet, Inc.: “Study of the effect of High Abrasion Artifacts on CoCr Metallic Femoral Heads on the Wear of Conventional and Vitamin E Blended UHMWPE Hip Replacement Bearings”

Biomet Inc.: “Knee Simulator Test to Determine Wear Properties of Conform Knee.”

Clinical Trials:


Smith & Nephew: “A Multicenter, Randomized, Clinical Outcome of Visionaire Patient Matched Technology vs Standard Surgical Instrumentation in Total Knee Arthroplasty”

“CSSG Multi Center Retrospective and Observational Data Registry for Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of Spinal Surgery Comparing Instrumentation and Procedures (K2M CSSG Data Collection Project Agreement)”



Pilot Grant Review Committee of the UNMC Clinical Research Center: A continuation study of "Can Stem Cells Predict Orthopaedic Outcomes?"


Awarded by James Roberts: Support for Research Assistant.

Wm. Patrick Foundation: Tiny Bones Program.