Trauma Service

Trauma Service

The hospital of the University of Nebraska Medical Center offers a level 1 Trauma Center. The specialty team evaluates and treats fractures and dislocations, both common and complex. Poly-traumatized patients and those with long-bone and pelvic trauma benefit from a full array of emergency services, diagnostic imaging, and consultation with a variety of subspecialty medical and surgical services.

Trauma Team physicians use techniques of internal, intramedullary and external fixation, as well as microvascular techniques for the repair of fractured and damaged joints and soft-tissues. An outpatient clinic is also available for long-term follow-up.

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Dr. Miguel Daccarett   Dr. Matthew Mormino

Dr. Miguel Daccarett


Dr. Matthew Mormino

Dr. Justin Siebler   Dr. Lori Reed

Dr. Justin Siebler


Dr. Lori Reed