Dr. Fey is current course coordinator for the following:
PAMM 871:  Antibiotics-Mode of Action and Resistance
PAMM 910:  Bacterial Pathogenesis
PAMM 950:  Topics in Staphylococcal Biology

Ph.D. students typically take the following courses during their tenure in the Fey laboratory.

BRTP 821:  Macromolecular Structure and Function
BRTP 822:  The Cell and Gene Regulation
BRTP 823:  Molecular Cell Biology
BRTP 824:  Cell Signaling
PAMM898:  Bacterial Genetics
PAMM910:  Bacterial Pathogenesis
PAMM955:  Advanced Immunology
PAMM950:  Topics in Staphylococcal Biology
BIOS816:    Biostatistical Methods 1
PAMM992:  Advanced Topics in Microbiology-Biomedical Literature

The Center for Staphylococcal Research (CSR) also has a weekly journal club

PAMM857: Medical Immunology (if no academic training in Immunology, required for PAMM955)
PAMM871:  Antibiotics:  Mechanisms of Action and Resistance
PAMM890:  The Molecular Biology of Viruses