Recent Graduations
Congratulations to the following Pathology and Microbiology students who have defended successfully and graduated.

 Austin Nuxoll, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Paul Fey
Dissertation: Arginine Biosynthesis in Staphylococcus aureus


 Hesham Hassan, Ph.D.
Advisors: Dr. Rakesh Singh and Dr. Bhavana Dave
Dissertation: TP73 in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Pathogenesis and Therapy


 Shuping Yang, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Jixin Dong
Dissertation: Novel Phosphorylation of HIPPO-YAP
Signaling Pathway Controls its Oncogenic Activity


 Casey Gries, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Ken Bayles
Dissertation: Life or Death: Maintaining Bacterial Homeostasis


Abdulaziz Alhazmi, M.S.
Advisor: Dr. Nora Chapman
Dissertation: Detection of Enteroviruses
Persistence in Pancreas, Spleen and Heart.


Juan Xiong, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Tammy Kielian
Dissertation: Aberrant Microglia and
Inflammasome Function in Juvenile Batten Disease


Yenis Gutierrez-Murgas, M.S.
Advisor: Jessica Snowden, M.D.
Thesis: Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm
infection induces an anti-inflammatory response



Hongyan Liao, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Zhixin (Jason) Zhang
Dissertation: Analyses of the Functional
Antibody Repertoire in HIV-infected Individuals


Wanqin Xie, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Zhixin (Jason) Zhang
Dissertation: Molecular Regulation of V(D)J
Recombination by Subnuclear Targeting of the RAG and NHEJ Factors

Vinee Purohit, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Pankaj Singh
Dissertation: Mechanistic Insights into the Metabolic Aspects
of Therapy Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer



Student Awards

Tyler Scherr, Ph.D. Graduate Student in Dr. Tammy Kielian’s lab, has been awarded a two-year American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship for his project “S. aureus carbamoyl phosphate synthetase enhances immune evasion through ammonia generation”. Congratulations Tyler! 


On May 13th, Pathology and Microbiology graduate students received awards for their accomplishments during academic year 2013-2014:
Carolyn Schaeffer (2nd Place – Best presentation at the Graduate Student Research Seminar)
Abhilasha Purohit (“Pathology and Microbiology Cash Award for Excellence” demonstrated at the Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum)
Casey Gries (1st Place – Best presentation at the Graduate Student Research Seminar)

2013 - 2014 Student Awards

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