What is the goal of the Pathology and Microbiology Graduate Program?
Our goal is to prepare our students to succeed as future scientists and educators.

What is the difference between degrees in Pathology and Microbiology vs. general biomedical sciences?
A graduate student in Pathology and Microbiology is part of an interdisciplinary program firmly grounded in the basic principles of biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, virology and microbiology. Through individual research efforts, students learn how to design experiments to accomplish their research goals, analyze data and effectively communicate scientific information. The doctoral training program prepares students to pursue successful independent research in academic or industrial arenas.

How soon after I graduate college in May can I start graduate school?
Your initial enrollment can begin as early as July 1, which is the first day of UNMC's academic year. New students may arrange to begin doing research rotations during the summer. This can speed up your decision about who will be your adviser, plus having one or two rotations completed before the first semester begins can make it easier to deal with fall coursework. Whether a particular student is able to start on July 1 depends on availability of assistantship funding, but this is not a problem in most cases.

Is it possible to start graduate studies in January or for the spring semester?
The typical answer is no as applications are only accepted for admission starting fall semester. Only under extraordinary circumstances is this possible if assistantship funding can be arranged under special circumstances. Ordinarily, departmental funds would not be available at that time of year, but support can sometimes be provided through grants of the individual laboratories to which you are assigned. Unfortunately, because of the sequential nature of the BRTP first-year courses, a student starting in January would only be able to enroll for PAMM 896 (Research Other than Thesis) and PAMM 970 (Seminar/Journal Club). First-year courses would then be available starting the following fall semester.

Will the application fee be waived?

How many credit hours should I enroll for each semester?
If you are a full-time student, you must have at least nine credits during the fall and spring semesters and 4 credits for the 8-week summer session and 3 credits for the 5-week summer session. Except in special cases, you must be enrolled continually throughout your graduate training. This is important to maintain your health benefits and funding.

How many credits should I enroll in if I work full-time and am a graduate student only part-time?
Full-time employees may register for a maximum of six credit hours during the fall and spring semesters. To maintain enrollment, it is important that even part-time students register for at least 1 credit year-round.

Is it required that I buy my textbooks from the UNMC bookstore?
No, you may buy textbooks from any source (other students, independent bookstores, online, etc.). However, you must use a real textbook if required by your courses. It is a violation of U.S. copyright law to use photocopied versions of textbooks for courses. Both you and the University of Nebraska could be sued or fined if the publishers were to discover such a violation.

Who will be there to help me when I arrive at UNMC?
Dr. Singh will assist you with setting up your rotations and explaining the courses of study; Ms. Cechin will assist with filling out forms and will direct you through the enrollment process and registration for classes. She will also help you with questions about student health and insurance, fees and housing. The UNMC Graduate Student Association and Office of Graduate Studies sponsor new graduate student orientation during the week before classes begin

What does UNMC and Omaha have to offer?
For further information on housing on and around campus, as well as other topics, please see the UNMC Graduate Student Association's survival guide. Please also review our About UNMC and Omaha guide.
As a potential student, we suggest that you view students' frequently asked questions within the current student section of the graduate program website.

If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Rakesh Singh, Professor and Program Director, or Ms. Tuire Cechin, Graduate Program Coordinator at pathgrad@unmc.edu.