Oluwatoyin A. Asojo, Ph.D.

Department Affiliations
Assistant Professor

Structural and molecular basis of multi-drug resistance and immune evasion and modulation, Structure-based-drug design, X-ray structural studies of membrane proteins, X-ray crystallography
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Education and Training
Ph.D. (Chemistry), University of Houston, TX, 1999
B.Sc. Honors (Chemistry), Trent University, ON Canada, 1993    
B.Sc. (Economics & Chemistry) Trent University, ON Canada, 1992

National Activities
NIH-NCI Career Development Award, 1K01CA113486-01 "Structural Basis of Multidrug Resistance In Cancer",  2005-2010
Peer reviewer for Acta Cryst.
Membership American Chemical Society, IUPAC, AACR, ACA

Notable Publications
O. A. Asojo, G. Goud, K. Dhar, A. Loukas, B. Zhan, V. Deumic, S. Liu, G.E. Borgstahl, P. J. Hotez; X-ray structure of Na-ASP-2,  a Pathogenesis Related-1 protein from the nematode parasite Necator americanus and a vaccine antigen for human hookworm infection  J. Mol Biol., 346(3): p801-814, 2005.

O. A. Asojo, A. Loukas, M. Inan, R. Barent, J. Huang, B. Plantz, A. Swanson, M. Gouthro, M. M. Meagher and P. J. Hotez; Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray studies of Na-ASP-1, Acta Cryst F61, 391-394, 2005.

F. Nachon, O. A. Asojo, G.E. Borgstahl, P. Masson, and O. Lockridge; Role of Water in Aging of Human Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibited by Echothiophate: The Crystal Structure Suggests Two Alternative Mechanisms of Aging. Biochemistry 44, p1154-1162, 2005. 

G. N. Goud, M. E. Bottazzi, B. Zhan, S. Mendez, V. Deumic, J. Pleiskatt, S. Liu. Y. Wang, L. Bueno, R. Fujiwara, A. Samuel, S-Y. Ahn, M. Solanki, O. A. Asojo, J. Wang, J. M. Bethony, A. Loukas, M. Roy, P. J. Hotez; Expression of the Necator americanus hookworm larval antigen Na-ASP-2 in Pichia pastoris and purification of the recombinant protein for use in human clinical trials. Vaccine. 2005 Sep 15;23(39):4754-64. 

O. A. Asojo, S. Gulnik, J. A. Ellman, E. Afonina, T. S. Haque, and A. M. Silva; Novel uncomplexed and complexed structures of plasmepsin II, a protease from Plasmodium falciparum. J. Mol Biol., 327:173-181, 2003. 

O. A. Asojo, C. Boulegue, D. M. Hoover, W Lu, and J. Lubkowski; High resolution structures of thymus and activation-regulated chemokine (TARC) Acta Cryst., D59, p1165-1173, 2003.

O. A. Asojo, S. Cater, C. Boulegue, D. M. Hoover, W Lu, J. Lubkowski; Crystallization and preliminary X-ray studies of thymus and activation-regulated chemokine, Acta Cryst., D59, p163-165, 2003.

O. A. Asojo, E. Afonina, S. V. Gulnik, B. Yu, J. Erickson, R. Randad, D. Medjahed and A. M. Silva; Crystal Structures of ser 205 mutant plasmepsin II from Plasmodium falciparum at 1.8Å in complex with the inhibitors rs367 and rs370. Acta Cryst., D58, p2001-2008, 2002.

O. Asojo, J. Friedman, N. Adir, V. Belakhov, Y. Shoham, and T. Baasov; Crystal Structures of KDOP Synthase in Its Binary Complexes with the Substrate Phosphoenolpyruvate and with a Mechanism-Based Inhibitor, Biochemistry, 40(21), p6326-6334, 2001. 

O. Asojo; Determination of 3.5 Å X-ray structure of 3-deoxy-D-manno-2-octulosonate-8-phosphate synthase, Doctoral dissertation. University of Houston Department of Chemistry, 1999.

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Oluwatoyin A. Asojo, Ph.D.
Dr. Oluwatoyin A. Asojo
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