The Autopsy Pathology Section provides comprehensive post-mortem evaluation services including neuropathology. The service is directed by Syed Kazmi, M.D. and the section is staffed by the pathologists in the department, as well as residents and physician assistants. Autopsies are a specialized type of whole body surgical procedure and are critical to improving the overall quality of health care through the direct examination of the outcome of medical procedures and treatments prior to an individuals death. They are also an important part of continuing education, both for the physician and the pathologist. At The Nebraska Medical Center (TNMC), the service is typically arranged by bereavement services following a request by the attending physician who may have a specific question or is seeking general information. In some cases, the request for an autopsy is generated by the family; however, in all medical cases, it must be approved by the immediate next of kin. When the request is related to legal questions, the examination is performed by a medical examiner or at the request of a coroner. Our department also participates in the UNMC rapid autopsy program to provide tissues for research purposes.

Requests for special services from outside TNMC/UNMC may be directed to Dr. Kazmi 402-559-4186 in cases where autopsy, or brain or heart examination services are not available within the community.