Samuel M. Cohen, M.D., Ph.D.

Department Affiliations
Havlik-Wall Professor of Oncology

Chemical Carcinogenesis, Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Surgical Pathology, Urologic Pathology
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Education and Training
B.S. (Honors) University of Wisconsin, 1967
M.D., Ph.D. (Experimental Oncology) University of Wisconsin, 1972
Residency, St. Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA, 1972-1975
Board Certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, 1976

Teaching Activities
Medical Students: Small group discussions and laboratories
Graduate students: Advisor, supervisory committees
Residents: Surgical pathology, conferences
Director of Pathology Residency Program

National Activities
Editorial Board or Associate Editor: Fd. Chem. Toxicol., Int. J. Oncology, Urologic Oncology, Toxicol. Pathol., Pathol. Intl., Crit. Rev. Toxicol., Toxicology, J. Toxicol.
Advisory Panels:
Int. Life Sci. Inst. (ILSI) - Health and Environmental Sciences Institute Board of Trustees (HESI), 2001-present; Chairman, 2006-2008
International Life Sciences Institute Board of Trustees, 2007- present, Vice Chairman, 2010-2012.
National Instititute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)Board of Scientific Counselors, 2008-present
WHO-IPCS; Expert Panel on Carcinogens, 1999-2006
Expert Panel of the Flavors and Extracts Manufacturers Association, 2002-present
Numerous committees & panels with NIH, EPA, FDA, WHO, IARC, IPCS, national and international scientific organizations.

Notable Publications
Cohen, S.M. An enhanced thirteen-week bioassay as an alternative to screening for carcinogenesis factors. Asian Pac. J. Cancer Prev., 10 (DIMS Suppl.): 13-15, 2010.

Suzuki, S., Arnold, L.L., Pennington, K.L., Kakiuchi-Kiyota, S., Wei, M., Wanibuchi, H., and Cohen, S.M. Effect of pioglitazone, a peroxisome proliferator- activated receptor gamma agonist, on urine and urothelium of the rat. Toxicol. Sci., 113:349-357, 2010.

Suzuki, S., Arnold, L.L., Pennington, K.L., Chen,B., Naranmandura, H., Le, X.C., and Cohen, S.M. The dose effects of dietary administration of sodium arsenite on the urinary concentrations of arsenicals, including thio-metabolites, and on the urinary bladder epithelium. Toxicol. Appl. Pharm., 244:99-105, 2010.

Cohen, S.M. Evaluation of possible carcinogenic risk to humans based on liver tumors in rodent assays: The two year bioassay is no longer necessary. Toxicol. Pathol., 38:487-501, 2010.

Zlotta, A.R., Cohen, S.M., Dinney, C., Droller, M., van der Kwast., T.H., van Rhizjn, B.W.G., Bochner, B., Ameil, G., and Jewett, M.A.S. Overview of risks for and causes of bladder cancer. Urol. Oncol., 28:329-333, 2010,

Yokohira, M., Arnold, L.L., Pennington, K.L., Suzuki, S., Kakiuchi-Kiyota, S., Herbin-Davis, K., Thomas, D.J., and Cohen, S.M. Severe systemic toxicity and urinary bladder cytotoxicity and regenerative hyperplasia induced by arsenite in arsenic (+3 oxidation state) methyltransferase knockout mice. A preliminary report. Toxicol. Appl. Pharm., 246:1-7, 2010.

Cohen, S.M. An enhanced 13-week bioassay: An alternative to the 2 year bioassay to screen for human carcinogenesis. Exp. Toxicol. Pathol., 11:15-17, 2010.

Cohen, S.M., Gordon, E.B., Singh, P., Arce, G.T., and Nyska, A. Folpet’s carcinogenic mode of action in mice and evaluation of its relevance to humans. Crit. Rev. Toxicol., 40:531-545, 2010.

Arce, G.T., Gordon , E.B., Cohen, S.M., and Singh, P. Genetic toxicology of folpet and captan. Crit. Rev. Toxicol., 40:546-574, 2010.

Lu, M., Wang, H., Li, X.F., Arnold, L.L., Cohen, S.M., and Le, X.C. Binding of dimethylarsinous acid to cys-13α of rat hemoglobin is responsible for retention of arsenic in rat blood. Chem. Res. Toxicol., 20(1): 27-37, 2007.

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Samuel M. Cohen, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Samuel M. Cohen
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985900 Nebraska Medical Center
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MSB 3538

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DRC2 1016

Phone Numbers
Office: 402-559-6388
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