Available Technology

CSR Instrumentation

The CSR has several state-of-the-art shared technologies available to their graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and staff to conduct analyses for their research projects.

LMD 6000 Multi-user Laser Microdissection System
Provides the ability to isolate and enrich biological material and cell populations in the µm size range.

IVIS 200 (In vivo Imaging Systems)
A sensitive, non-invasive technique for the real-time monitoring of bacterial infections and mammalian gene expression.

BioFlux System
Allows for the simultaneous growth and microscopic analysis of multiple biofilms.

Zeiss LSM510 META Confocal Microscope
Provides three-dimensional visualization of microscopic structure.

Anaerobic Chamber from Coy Laboratory Products
Maintains a strict anaerobic and temperature-controlled atmosphere.

LightCycler 480 real-time PCR System from Roche Applied Science
Permits rapid, sensitive, and accurate measurements of gene expression.

Roxanne Alter utilizing BioFlux System

Advanced technology and skilled researchers are available to CSR trainees.