International Students

Will you accept computer-based Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan and Korea?
No. Computer-based GRE scores prior to July 2003 will not be accepted.

How are the special needs of international students taken care of?
Ms. Cechin coordinates the activities of newly arrived international students. She will assign another Pathology and Microbiology student as a guide to assist with pick-up at the airport, lodging and initial orientation to the UNMC campus and Omaha area. The guides will also walk new students around the UNMC campus to file forms, turn in documents, purchase supplies and books, etc. One of the most important and immediate needs is to apply for a Social Security number.

Questions pertaining to visa status or INS paperwork should be addressed to Steven Daubendiek, International Advisor of the UNMC Office of International Studies and Programs.

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