James D. Landmark, M.D.

Department Affiliations
Associate Professor
Director, Clinical Laboratory Support Services
Associate Director, Transfusion and Transplantation Laboratory 

Transfusion Medicine, Immunohematology/Hemolytic Disease, Blood Bank Automation, Plasma Exchange Therapies, Microbial Infections and Thrombotic Thrombo- cytopenic Purpura (TTP)

The area of current research interest involves collaboration with Dr. Steve Hinrichs and Peter Iwen in our department and Dr. Stefano Tarantolo in Internal Medicine in an attempt to identify a non-culturable microorganism which we suspect may have a role in post-transplant TTP. Our suspicions are based on morphological (transmission electron microscopy and light microscopy) grounds and beneficial responses in affected patients treated with empirical antimicrobial therapy.
Education and Training
B.Chem. University of Minnesota Institute of Technology, 1967
M.D. University of Minnesota Medical School, 1971
Internship (Major Medicine), St. Paul-Ramsey Hospital, 1971-72
Residency (Internal Medicine), Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, 1972-73
Residency (Clinical Pathology), Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, 1973-76
Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine, June 18, 1975
Certified: American Board of Pathology (Clinical Pathology), November 20, 1976
Certified: American Board of Pathology (Certification of Special Competence in Blood Banking), May 12, 1979     

Teaching Activities 
Honors: Outstanding Teacher Award, University of Nebraska Medical Center, April 4, 2000
Medical Student Second Year: Transfusion Medicine Series (5 hours) in Hematology/Oncology Core
Medical Student Second Year: Small group discussions, all second year Cores
Medical Student Fourth Year: Clinical Pathology Senior Selective (M-ID-720), Course director
Medical Student Fourth Year: Clinical Pathology Senior Selective (M-ID-720), Lectures (22 hours)
Pathology Residents: Transfusion Medicine on-service tutorial
Pathology Residents: Lectures on Transfusion Medicine
Hematology/Oncology Fellows: Transfusion Medicine on-service tutorial  
Notable Publications
Tarantolo SR, Landmark JD, Iwen PC, Kessinger A, Chan WC, Hinrichs SH. Bartonella-like erythrocyte inclusions in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Lancet 350:1602, 1997.

Sindhi R, Landmark J, Stratta RJ, Cushing K, and Taylor RJ. Humoral graft-versus-host disease after pancreas transplantation with an ABO-compatible and Rh-nonidentical donor: case report and a rationale for preoperative screening. Transplantation 61(9):1414-6, 1996.

Sindhi R, Landmark J, Shaw BW, Fox IJ, Heffron TG, Vanderhoof J, and Langnas AN. Combined liver/small bowel transplantation using a blood group compatible but nonidentical donor. Transplantation 61(12):1782-3, 1996.

Landmark JD. The body's response to acute blood loss. In: Recommendations for Red Cell Transfusions. Continuing Medical Education program of the Sunderbruch Corporation-Nebraska, pp. 2-4, 1998.

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James D. Landmark, M.D.
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