Neuromuscular Laboratory

Neuromuscular Laboratory

As a fully accredited CAP* neuromuscular laboratory,
we offer a wide range of consultation services.
We employ a broad histochemical panel, and
immunoperoxidase and immunofluorescent stains 
for evaluation of neuromuscular diseases. 
Ultrastructural analysis of muscle and
peripheral nerve specimens can be 
performed in selected cases at our 
electron microscopy (EM) laboratory.









Our consultation service is growing with over 170 neuromuscular  specimens processed a year. In addition to serving patients at The Nebraska Medical Center (TNMC) and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), muscle and nerve tissue are received for consultation from local and regional Midwest hospitals and laboratories.

Consultative reports are generated by Dr. Rodney McComb to assist with the diagnostic workup of diseases such as inflammatory myopathy, storage disease, muscular dystrophy, vasculitis, and neuropathy. Preliminary reports are generally available by phone in few days, and formal reports are usually ready within five to seven days in most cases.Our experienced medical staff is always available for personal consultation for directing essential testing and services. Detailed instructions for handling muscle and nerve tissue samples can be faxed upon request by calling 402-552-3132, or can be downloaded from this website.


Electron Microscopy

At our state-of-the-art electron microscopy (EM) laboratory, muscle and nerve tissue are processed and semi-thin and thin sections are cut with an ultramicrotome. Diagnostic electron microscopy is carried out by speciality staff well trained in electron microscopy under the supervision of our neuropathologists. Images are digitally captured and stored electronically.




Rodney D. McComb, M.D.

Neuromuscular Laboratory
Konnie Zeitner
Thanh Thack
Karen Bovard 
Telephone: 402-552-3132 

Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Melissa Holzapfel
Telephone: 402-559-7729

*College of American Pathologists