Tissue Sciences Facility


The UNMC Tissue Sciences Facility (TSF) has been established to provide basic and specialized histology, staining, immunohistochemistry, and imaging services to the research community at UNMC for studies on animal and human tissues. The TSF offers a full range of cost effective services including tissue preparation and fixing, processing, embedding, sectioning, and standard and special stains for paraffin and frozen samples. Additionally, the TSF offers both bright field and fluorescent imaging and high throughput whole slide scanning. There are many software packages available through the TSF for image analysis, reconstruction, and deconvolution as well as technical support for these programs. The resources and services at the TSF are available to all University of Nebraska personnel, as well as outside institutions and industrial users.


TechTalk is a seminar series to assist technicians, students and researchers with technical issues regarding histology, microscopy and image analysis. 

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TSF Quick Tips
Formalin Fixing

Always use fresh, unused 10% normal buffered formalin (NBF).

Make sure the fixative volume is 20x the cassette volume for proper fixing.

If you are planning to perform immunohistochemistry (IHC), 24-96 hours fixing times work best.

For better brain sections, fix in 10% NBF for one week and only store in 70% ethanol for less than one day.

Fatty tissue requires longer processing times, i.e. 15 hours compared to our standard 8 hour tissue protocol.

Please consult with TSF staff regarding special types of tissues to insure proper fixing and sectioning.