Tissue Sciences Facility Price ListTSF Slide Service

Pricing below is for University of Nebraska institutions only
as of July 1, 2013.

Our facility does provide services to external organizations: the fees associated with these services are 1.5 times for external academic and non-profit organizations, and 2 times for industry.  

Priority 2 day service is available during the week
at 1.5 times the standard price.

Tissue Processing  Tissue Imaging 
Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E)   Slide Scanning   
Paraffin process / embed / one H&E $11.50 Standard scan, per slide  
Tissue Processing        20x  $6.00
Process / embed per tissue $7.25      40x  $8.00
Slides   Level scan, addition to standard scan fee, per slide  
1st slide $4.00      20x  $6.00 
Subsequent slides per block $2.50      40x $8.00 
Serial per additional section, same block $1.00 DVD archive disc  
Section on same slide, new block $1.75 Per disc  $3.75 
Level section, same block $1.75    
H&E*   Fluorescent Slide Scanning   
Per slide paraffin $2.50 Self run, per hour  $15.50
Per slide, frozen $2.75 Core run, per hour  $24.25 
Special Stains*   Training, per hour  $24.25
PAS, Fast Red $5.75 Image Analysis   
Masson's Trichrome $7.00 Self run, per hour  $10.25
VVG $11.50 Training, per hour  $24.25
Counterstain and/or Coverslip   Definiens  
Per slide $1.75 Whole slide, self run, per slide $10
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)*   TMA, self run, per slide $50
From existing antibody offerings, per slide $25.00 Whole slide, core run, per slide $15
Two color, per slide $50.00 TMA, core run, per slide $75
CLIA Certified Test, per slide $55.00    
TUNEL $30.00 Laser micro dissection, per hour $15.50
IHC Assay Development *,**      
Single antibody, DAB reaction $150.00    
Two color, DAB/Permanent red $300.00    
Frozen Slide      
Embed $6.00    
Slides, each $6.00    
Serial section, same slide $3.00    
Cyrostat self use, per hour $15.50    
Cryostat training, per hour  $24.25    


*Does not include the price of the unstained slide.
**User  provides desired antibody 

Prices are subject to change. If you have questions or are budgeting for a grant, please contact the TSF supervisor.