Implementing TeamSTEPPS

Team Strategies & Tools to Enhance Performance & Patient Safety


TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based teamwork system developed by the Department of Defense Safety Patient Program and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. TeamSTEPPS is being implemented by healthcare professionals throughout the United States and internationally to:

  • improve patient safety
  • improve health care professionals’ teamwork skills
  • eliminate barriers to quality and safety

TeamSTEPPS is designed to be implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Assess the need for improved teamwork and communication to determine readiness
  • Phase 2: Planning, training and implementation
  • Phase 3: Sustainment

A focus on implementation (managing culture change) and sustainment are key to the success of TeamSTEPPS.  The UNMC Patient Safety Team conducts research to evaluate the impact of TeamSTEPPS on hospital safety culture and identify those factors that contribute to implementation success and failure. Our paper,  A theory-driven longitudinal evaluation of the impact of team training on safety culture in 24 hospitals, was recently published in BMJ Quality Safety.

We can assist hospitals in each phase of implementation by:

  •  Conducting and interpreting the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture as a baseline prior to TeamSTEPPS training and to assess readiness for organizational change. (See green Safety Culture Survey tab above.)
  • Conducting the TeamSTEPPS Train-the-Trainer workshop with an emphasis on meeting the training and implementation needs of Critical Access Hospitals.   
  •  Conducting monthly collaborative calls with TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers to share ongoing implementation strategies, challenges and successes.  These calls assist Master Trainers within each hospital to train, coach, and sustain TeamSTEPPS tools and behaviors. (See call schedule link in left menu.)

Information about the National Implementation of TeamSTEPPS is available from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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Community conference calls
Community conference calls are held monthly to support TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers as they implement and sustain TeamSTEPPS. We share successes and barriers to sustainment as well as relevant research findings.

Upcoming Calls
Aug 21 |11:00 CST
Sep 24 | 11:00 CST
Oct 23 | 14:00 CST
Nov 26 | 11:00 CST