The Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition division specializes in the care of children with gastrointestinal and liver problems and plays an active role in teaching and research.

Contact information for the division is:

Department of Pediatrics Div. of Gastroenterology
University of Nebraska Medical Center
982161 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68198-2161
Phone: 402-559-2412
Fax: 402-559-9525

Gastroenterology Patient Services

Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship Program

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Gastroenterology Faculty & Staff
Ruben E. Quiros, M.D.

Benjamin Infantino, M.D.
Pablo Palomo, M.D.
Shaija Shelby, M.D.
Fernando Zapata, M.D.

Ojasvini Choudhry, M.D.
Andrew Huang, M.D.
Emille Reyes-Santiago, M.D.

Ancillary Staff
Kristin Madden, M.S.N.

Administrative Staff
Jessie Coyer
Courtney Hurd