The mission of the divisions of Neonatology is to advocate for excellence and universal availability of prenatal care and to provide the highest level of medical care for the acutely and chronically ill newborn infants through excellence in education, research and patient care, and through active partnerships with primary care providers throughout our region.

Contact information for the Divisions are:

University of Nebraska Medical Center
981205 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha Nebraska 68198-1205
Office: 402-559-6750
Fax: 402-559-9333

Children's Hospital & Medical Center
8200 Dodge Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
Office: 402-955-6140
Fax: 402-955-3398

Neonatology Patient Services

Newborn Medicine Faculty & Staff
Terence L. Zach, M.D.
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Lynne D. Willett, M.D.
Children's Specialty Physicians

Ann Anderson Berry, M.D.
Nicole Birge, M.D.
David L. Bolam, M.D.
Garth E. Fletcher, M.D.
John Grebe, M.D.
Harold Kaftan, M.D.
Bonnie Lees, M.D.
Richard F. Olney, M.D.
John W. Schmidt, M.D.
Zahi Zeidan, M.D.

Administrative Staff
Joy Higgins, M.S.
Christine Nelson