Resident Social Life

Residency definitely keeps us very busy, but gatherings outside of work are a must and Omaha has provided many opportunities for social events. One of the most popular options is Happy Hour and the possibilities of places are endless. It’s a great way to gather after work with friends and co-workers and unwind from the busy day. Also, group dinners at one of the many restaurants in Omaha are always a crowd favorite. Whether downtown in the Old Market, at the Dundee Dell, or somewhere in west Omaha, we always find a different place with varied cuisine and atmosphere.

Winter in Omaha can be harsh at times, but spring, summer, and fall are beautiful seasons to enjoy outdoor activities together. The crowd favorite each summer is “Jazz on the Green”. Every Thursday evening, throughout July and August, hundreds of people gather on the lawn at Midtown Crossing with blankets and picnic baskets to relax and listen to live jazz bands. Other outdoor events include Storm Chaser baseball games, the famous College World Series, and of course trips to the Zoo. Everyone knows you cannot visit or live in Omaha without going to the Zoo at least once. We also enjoy getting together for barbeques at each other’s homes, movie nights, bowling, or play-dates for the kids.

Class outing at the skating rink.

Ice skating
We're not sure what Sabrina Malone Jenkins and Joel Van DeGraaff are
doing to Gwenn Skar at the skating rink.


Beach Volleyball…game on!


Roasting hotdogs at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.


Jenn Pham, Dr. John Walburn and Sabrina Malone Jenkins
at the 2011 Pediatric Holiday Party.

 Holiday 2011

Celebrating the holidays in style!