2012 SURP Presentations

Summer Undergraduate Presentations 2012

  1. "Nanoformulated antiretroviral therapeutics (nanoART) targeted drug delivery
    Hannah M. Baldridge, Dartmouth College
    H.M. Baldridge, P. Puligujja, T. Li, J.M. McMillan, X. Liu and H.E. Gendelman 
  2. "PDGF-BB Mediated Astrocyte Activation and Proliferation Involves Notch and GSK3
    Marlene Kanmogne, Johns Hopkins University
    Marlene Kanmogne, Crystal Bethel-Brown Ph.D., Honghong Yao Ph.D., Shilpa Buch Ph.D.
  3. "The Role of IRS1/IRS 2 in the link between Type 2 Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) and Neurodegeneration"
    Eric Hong, Emory University
    Eric Hong, Heather Schuetz, Monica Krause, P.M. Abdul-Muneer, Kaushik P. Patel, Hong Zheong, and James Haorah Ph.D.
  4. "Mechanisms of intracellular calcium elevation by components of an aqueous hogbarn dust extract (HDE)"
    Jonny Baker, Westside High/Tulane University
    Jonny Baker, Nancy Schulte B.S., Debra Romberger MD, Myron Toews Ph.D.
  5. "Phenotypic Characterization of Basal Ganglia Neurons in a Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease"
    Joshua Combs, University of Nebraska Omaha
    Joshua Combs, R. Lee Mosley Ph.D., Kristi M. Anderson B.S., Adam M. Szlachetka B.S., D.D.S.
  6. "Humanized mice to identify HIV-1 clade specific differences in viral virulence and neuropathology"
    Sandeep Adem, Santa Clara University
    Sandeep Adem, Ed Makarov B.S., Li Wu B.S., Sidra Akhter B.S., Santhi Gorantla Ph.D.
  7. "Nonmuscle myosin light-chain kinase mediates microglial migration induced by HIV Tat"
    Raymond Quiles, International American University-Puerto Rico
    Raymond Quiles and Dr. Shilpa Buch


Travis B. Lewis High School Presentations 2012

  1. "A teacher's summer experience with NanoART"
    Christopher Deeter Ph.D., Lincoln Lutheran High School
  2. "Protein identification in macrophages"  
    Pooja Verman, Duchesne Academy
  3. "Analysis of lymphoid organs in humanized mice"
     Giselle Tran, Omaha Central High School
  4. "Metabolites in the brain and their applications"
    Zoe Cohen, Duchesne Academy
  5. "NanoART uptake in macrophages induces phagocytic changes"
    Kate Slosburg, Westside High School