Eric M. Scholar, PhD

Eric Scholar

Eric M. Scholar

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Pharmacology, 1968
University of Illinois
Phone: (402) 559-6019
FAX: (402) 559-7495

Keywords:cancer chemotherapy, antimicrobial chemotherapy

Research Interests

I have been primarily involved in educational activities including teaching, serving as course director of the medical/pharmacy/graduate course. I have also been involved in the publishing of textbooks, online references and the development of web based courses. I was a co-author (with W. Pratt) of a major book describing the mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, uses and toxicity of the antimicrobial drugs. This is the second edition of this book. The first edition was published ten years earlier and thus considerable new material and updating was necessary. I have also written two board review books, one for medical students and one for pharmacy students. I am presently involved in revising the pharmacy review book and it should be published next year. X pharmacology is a major online pharmacology reference. I have written approximately 124 records in the areas of cancer, antimicrobial therapy, anticancer drugs and CNS drugs. This reference includes hyperlinks to disease states and to targets of drug action. It is an invaluable reference work for many different health professionals including students, faculty and research scientists.

I have also worked with other UNMC faculty in developing a blackboard course which introduces pharmacology to first year medical students. This course includes a test and a pharmacology information table for each of 10 different disease states (e.g. hyperlipidemia, asthma etc.) I have also contributed to an online (Blackboard) bioterrorism course that is campus wide. My contribution is in the area of antiviral agents.

Along with Rodney Kawahara of the pharmacology department we have developed a series of interactive games that serve as student reviews for various areas of pharmacology. These consist of a series of pharmacology questions of increasing difficulty. The students are told if there answer is correct and why or why not. We have developed these in the areas of cancer chemotherapy, antibiotics and GI/pulmonary pharmacology. These are referred to as pharmacojeopardies.

I have also developed websites the areas of antibiotics, cancer chemotherapy, and GI pulmonary pharmacology. These serve as sites for additional review questions and summary information in these areas of pharmacology.

Representative Publications:

  1. Scholar, E.M. fluoroquinolones: Past, present and future of a novel group of antibacterial agents. Amer. J. Pharm. Educ. 66:164-172, 2002.
  2. Talavera, F and Scholar E.M. Pharmacy Review, Pearls of Wisdom, Boston Medical Publishing, Lincoln, NE, 2001.
  3. Scholar E.M. and Pratt WB. The Antimicrobial Drugs 2nd.ed Oxford Univ Press, N.Y. 2000.
  4. Scholar E.M. Pharmacology Pearls of Wisdom, Boston Medical Publishing,Lincoln,NE, 2000. 
  5. Scholar, Eric M. Immunopharmacology. Basic Pharmacology in Medicine. DiPalma et al., eds. 4th edition., Medical Surveillance, Inc. 1994.

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