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Max Kurz
Steve Bonasera
Howard Gendelman
Christopher Kratochvil
Michele Aizenberg
Deepak Madhavan
R. Lee Mosley
Howard Fox
Mike Boska
Uriel Sandkovsky
Susan Swindells
Martin Wetzel
Matthew White  


Motor Planning in Children with Cerebral Palsy
PI: Kurz, MJ;  Co-I: Wilson, TW.
This award uses MEG imaging to investigate abnormal neural oscillatory activity in the primary motor cortices of children with cerebral palsy during movement.  Participants complete several tasks during MEG that require different motor planning operations, based on the complexity of the movement.

Neurophysiology of Frontal and Motor Cortices
PI: Wilson TW.
Source: Kinman-Oldfield Award for Neurodegenerative Research
This award provides funding for MEG/MRI studies of motor and cognitive control experiments.

Attention Bias Modification Treatment for Warzone-Related PTSD: A Randomized Clinical Trial and Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Study
PI: Badura Brack, A; Co-I: Wilson, TW.
Source: At Ease, USA  (nonprofit organization)This award provides funding to conduct a randomized clinical trial (RCT) of an emerging cognitive behavioral treatment, attention bias modification treatment (ABMT), for combat related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition to the RCT, this award funds MEG recordings of veterans with PTSD and combat-exposed veterans without PTSD.

Chronic HIV Infection and Aging in NeuroAIDS (CHAIN) Center
PI: Fox, HS; Co-I: Wilson, TW.
Source: NIH/NIMH
This is a Center grant to provide Administrative and Core Support for scientists investigating neuroAIDS.

Center for the Neural Basis of Motor Development & Rehabilitation
PI: Stuberg, WA;  Co-I: Wilson, TW.
Source: Hattie B. Munroe Foundation
This award provides startup money for a brain imaging center that is dedicated to comparative neuroplasticity research using different rehabilitation methods in children with developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy and childhood apraxia. Dr. Wilson oversees the imaging aspects of the project. 

Techniques used in the laboratory
Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
Diffusion-tensor imaging (DTI)
Structural magnetic resonance imaging (sMRI
Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS
Electroencephalography (EEG
Intracranial recordings (electrocorticography, or ECoG)
Psychophysics/Behavioral Methods


Beth_Heinrichs-Graham Beth Heinrichs-Graham, MA
Graduate Research Assistant
 Katie Becker Katherine M. Becker
Research Assistant

Tim McDermott
Research Assistant


 Nichole Knott Nichole Knott, R.EEG.T.
MEG Specialist

Dr. Wilson's home page
Dr. Wilson's biographical information

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