Honghong Yao, PhD


Research Interests
Representative Publications
Biographical Information

Assistant Professor

Laboratory of Shilpa Buch, PhD

Durham Research Center, 8012
985880 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE  68198-5880

E-mail:  hyao@unmc.edu


UNMC Today, April 22, 2011
Meet UNMC New Investigator Honghong Yao, Ph.D.

Keywords: HIV, drugs of abuse (cocaine, morphine)

Research Interests: How HIV and its proteins can synergize with drugs of abuse to cause more severe damage in the brain.

Representative Publications:

Yao H, Allen JE, Zhu X, Callen S and Buch S (2009) Cocaine and HIV-1 gp120 mediate neurotoxicity through overlapping signaling pathways. J Neurovirology.15:164-75. PMCID: PMC2856938

Yao H, Peng F, Dhillon N, Callen S, Bokhari S, Zhu X, Buch S  (2009) Involvement of TRPC channels in CCL2-mediated neuroprotection against Tat toxicity. J Neuroscience. 2009 29:1657-69. PMCID: PMC2768421

Yao H, Buch SJ. Chronic Cocaine exposure decreased cell proliferation in hippocampus of HIV Tg rats. Proceedings of the ICBNAID meeting

Yao H, Bethel-Brown C and Buch SJ. (2009) Cocaine exposure caused dendritic varicosity formation in rat primary hippocampal neurons. Am. J. Infectious Diseases. 15:26-30. PMCID: PMC2749690

Bokhari S, Yao H, Bethel-Brown C, Peng F, Williams R, Dhillon NK, Hegde R, Anil Kumar A, Buch S. (2009) Morphine enhances Tat-induced Activation in Murine Microglia. J Neurovirology. 15:219-28.

Yao H, Peng F, Zhu X, Buch S (2009) TRPC channel-mediated neuroprotection by PDGF involves Pyk2/ERK/CREB pathway. Cell Death Differ. 16:1681-93. PMCID: PMC2783976

Williams R, Yao H, Dhillon NK, Buch S. HIV-1 Tat co-operates with IFN-γ and TNF-α to increase CXCL10 in human astrocytes. Plos ONE. 2009, 28;4: e5709 . PMCID: PMC2684622

Zhu X*, Yao H*, Peng F, Callen S, Buch S (2009) PDGF-mediated protection of SH-SY5Y cells against Tat toxin involves regulation of extracellular glutamate and intracellular calcium. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 240:286-91. (* Co-first coauthor) PMCID: PMC2753679

Yao H, Yang YJ, Bethel-Brown C, Gong N, Funa K, Kim KJ, Gendelman HE, Su TP, Wang JQ, and Buch S (2009). Molecular mechanisms involving sigma receptor-mediated induction of MCP-1: implication for increased monocyte transmigration. Blood. 115:4951-62. PMCID: PMC2890169

Peng F*, Yao H*, Bai X, Zhu X, Reiner BC, Beazely M, Funa K, Xiong H, Buch S (2010) Platelet-derived growth factor-mediated induction of the synaptic plasticity gene Arc/Arg3.1.J Biol Chem. 285:21615-24. (* Co-first coauthor)

Yao H, Bethel-Brown C, Li CZ, Buch SJ. (2010) HIV Neuropathogenesis: a Tight Rope Walk of Innate Immunity. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 5(4):489-95. PMCID: PMC3121574

Yang Y*, Yao H*, Lu Y, Wang C, and Buch S. (2010) Cocaine potentiates astrocyte toxicity mediated by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) protein gp120 in rat primary astrocytes. Plos ONE 15; 5: e13427. (* Co-first coauthor). PMCID: PMC2955538

Yao H, Duan M, Buch. (2011) Cocaine-mediated induction of platelet-derived growth factor: implication for increased vascular permeability.Blood 117(8):2538-47 

Bethel-Brown C, Yao, H, Callen S, Lee YH, Dash, PK, Kumar, A, Buch. (2011) HIV-1 Tat-Mediated Induction of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor in Astrocytes:  Role of Early Growth Response Gene 1. J. Immunol. 2011 [Epub ahead of print]

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