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The UNMC College of Pharmacy has a long and exciting tradition of making a difference.  From its beginning as a pharmacy school in 1908 to today, the college is a leader in pharmacy education.  The College was the third school in the nation to offer the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  The College of Pharmacy educates students who will lead health care and pharmacy well into the 21st century.  Basic sciences are emphasized, but today's curriculum offers much more: learning skills, computer skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills.  Our goal is to prepare students for the world of health care - now and in the future.  No matter how health care and pharmacy change, UNMC pharmacy graduates have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to adapt and excel.

Keeping this in mind, the UNMC College of Pharmacy offers you:  

  • A progressive curriculum.
  • Classes that compel you to interact with others and help you develop your own skills.
  • Dedicated faculty who are concerned with your personal and professional development.
  • Real-life practical experience gained through clinical rotations on the Medical Center campus, across the state and throughout the country.