A comprehensive assessment program is necessary to systematically document and verify program effectiveness. Assessment provides reliable data to aid program development and verify student learning. Assessment has always been an important part of the educational processes at the UNMC College of Pharmacy and is a college-wide endeavor in which all students, faculty, and staff take part. The proposed assessment plan is methodical and specific in its purpose. Guidelines for the plan are as follows:

  • The assessment program is in agreement with the college mission, goals, objectives, and values of the UNMC and the College of Pharmacy to ensure uniformity.
  • Assessment is non-episodic to ensure continuous improvement of the pharmacy program.
  • The purpose of the assessment program is to verify, evaluate, and improve student learning and development. It does not evaluate individual faculty, or students.
  • Assessment is a collaborative effort and is part of the college environment which includes students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni.
  • The assessment plan and its methods of evaluation will be reviewed and adjusted as needed - (assessing the assessment).
  • Assessment data will be stored and readily assessable.

Adapted from American Association for Higher Education Assessment