Biopharmaceutical Research and Development Symposium

In the spirit of improving industry-academia dialogue, research collaboration, and student learning objectives, the College of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is organizing the Biopharmaceutical R&D Symposium. This symposium will feature invited speaker presentations by leading biopharmaceutical industry scientists and round-table discussions with the faculty, post-docs, and graduate students of Nebraska University campuses (UNMC, UNO and UNL), Creighton University and other nearby universities on topics of mutual interest.

Goals and Objectives
This symposium will highlight current state of the art and practices in pharmaceutical industries in the discovery and development of new drugs. Objectives should include: a) guide to successful industry-academia collaboration; b) Scale-up challenges and considerations for bench-level formulations; and c) how academia can move closer to real industry level pharmaceutical processes.

Who should attend?
Scientists in both academia and industry who desire to learn the current issues and perspectives in the practice of new drug development from scientific, industrial and regulatory perspectives.

Non-UNMC attendees, please park in Student Parking marked in yellow on this map.  Lots in close proximity to the Sorrell Center are 39, 21, 20 or 25. 

Planning Committee - Co-chairs
Ajit S. Narang, Ph.D., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co., New Brunswick, NJ
Ram I. Mahato, Ph.D, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE