Nanoimaging Core Facility

***The facility is under the reorganization stage. Please postpone with your requests until further notice.***

Director – Dr. Y.L. Lyubchenko, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Co-director - Dr. L.S. Shlyakhtenko, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Established in 2006, Nanoimaging Core Facility is located in the College of Pharmacy, University of Nebraska Medical Center, rooms 1019, 1019A and 1016.

The facility provides service and expert advice to researches in their studies on imaging biological macromolecules, probing their interactions and manipulating with the molecules, and their ensembles with the use of the nanoimaging capabilities that developed within the Facility. The major emphasis is to facilitate the projects related to nanoimaging studies of molecular systems at single molecule and single cell levels utilizing AFM and combined nanoimaging instruments.

The grants from NIH (SIG program), the UNMC Program of Excellence (POE), and Nebraska Research Initiative (NRI) have made it possible to acquire a set of instruments for the facility. This set includes:

The combination of the state of the art AFM microscope from Asylum Research mounted on the inverted fluorescence microscope from Olympus, allowing simultaneous detection of fluorescently labeled samples and high resolution Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging and Force Spectroscopy.

The stand-alone MultiMode AFM from Veeco Instruments capable of high-resolution imaging of various biological samples in air and aqueous solution.

Multimode AFM from Veeco/DI MFP-3D AFM Microscope from Asylum Research mounted on Inverted Optical Microscope from Olympus