Nanomanipulation, using Force and Litho modes. 

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 Fig 16

Cutting of fibrils with the AFM tip (nanoknife).


The fibrils grown in the lab were imaged with AFM (left image).


The tip was approached to the surface to selected points on the fibrils indicated on the image with numbers.


The image on the left was taken before the manipulations. The right and bottom images shows the modified  fibrils imaged after the force has been applied.

 Fig 17

Lithography of the fibrils with the AFM tip.


AFM images of alfa-synuclein fibrils grown in the lab. Blue line (image on the right) marked the area where litho has  been applied. The image on the upper left corner shows fibrils before litho, the image on the bottom  left corner shows the result of  litho.