Funding for Graduate Studies

  • A Teaching Assistantship (T.A.) is awarded to a first year student for one year only. It is possible, but should not be expected, that the T.A. may be renewed for a second year.
  • It is expected that all students will annually apply for a UNMC graduate assistantship (G.A.). The deadline usually about February 15th each year.
  • Students are responsible for applying for a tuition waiver when necessary.
  • Please see the list of external state, national, and international sources of funding for graduate students. After discussion, and with the support of their advisor, students are expected to identify, and apply for, funding from these additional external sources.
  • Students are rewarded with an additional 20% of a G.A. if they successfully obtain funding external to the university and have been awarded a UNMC Fellowship.
  • Students are reminded that they cannot have a paid position outside the university without the approval of his/her advisor and the approval of the funding agency.