Policy and Procedures on Student Complaints

Policy and Procedure on Student Complaints Concerning Violation of Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education Accreditation Standards

The Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE) is the agency that oversees the accreditation of U.S. colleges and schools of pharmacy.  The Council requires each college or school of pharmacy to have a policy for handling student complaints in cases where such schools or colleges are alleged to be in violation of ACPE Accreditation Standards.  This policy governs only those instances where students allege that one or more ACPE Standards have been violated (the standards are available at ACPE website.


The faculty, staff and administration of the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy (UNCOP) are committed to maintaining a pharmacy education program that meets and exceeds ACPE Accreditation Standards.  In addition to a commitment to correct those areas where ACPE Standards are not being met, the UNCOP encourages student participation in assuring adherence to the Standards.

Students are encouraged to express and discuss concerns they have about the UNCOP's adherence to ACPE Accreditation Standards.  When a student (or group of students) desires to file a formal complaint regarding adherence to an ACPE Standard(s), the following procedure is to be followed.


  1. Student(s) alleging that the UNCOP is not adhering to ACPE Standards must present their complaint(s) in writing. Complaints must identify the specific standard(s), description of the violation, and evidence to support the complaint.
  2. Written complaints should be submitted to the UNCOP Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  3. UNCOP Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will investigate the complaint and provide a report to the UNCOP Dean, and to the UNCOP Executive Committee. The Dean, with the input of Executive Committee, will make a determination of the validity of the complaint, determine the appropriate course of action, and provide a written response to the student (or students) making the complaint.
  4. Complaints and responses that are determined to be of a substantive nature with regard to accreditation matters will be shared with the UNCOP faculty and student body.
  5. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will maintain a complete file of all complaints received and their disposition. ACPE will have access to this information as part of the routine accreditation review process.