Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars - Fall 2014

 08/29/2014 No Seminar          
 09/05/2014 Sorin Luca, Ph.D. UNMC College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Structure and function of the membrane scaffolding caveolin-1 and the holin-like CidA/LrgA membrane proteins NOON  MSC 2018 
09/05/2014 Bala Vamsi Karuturi  UNMC Graduate Student
Final Defense
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Development of EP67-based vaccines against cytomegalovirus infection


COP 1038
 09/12/2014 Peixuan Guo, Ph.D. University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Director of Nanobiotechnology Center

RNA Nanoparticles as a New Generation of Drugs, Immuno-modulators and Heat-resistant Anionic Polymers for Medical, Industrial and Nanotechnological Applications 


MSC 2018 
 09/18/2014 Tamara Minko, Ph.D. Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutics



MSC 2018 

 09/26/2014 Hangting Hu  UNMC Graduate Student
Comprehensive Exam
Pharmaceutical Sciences   NOON  CNS 3030
 10/03/2014 Michelle Combs, Ph.D.  Celerion Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology Sciences   NOON  MSC 2018

COP Seminar Joe Saseen, Pharm.D. 

University of Colorado Clinical Pharmacy and Family Medicine Evolving Roles of Clinical Pharmacists in Interprofessional Primary Care Practices NOON  DRCI 1002
 10/10/2014 Dhundy "Kiran" Bastola, Ph.D. University of Nebraska at Omaha  College of Information Science and Technolog   NOON  MSC 2010 
 10/16/2014 Patrick Stayton, Ph.D. University of Washington  Director, Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute    NOON  MSC 2018
 10/24/2014 Ken Bayles, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Medicine Pathology and Microbiology  The control elements of multicellular behavior in bacteria: new targets for drug development? NOON  MSC 2018
 10/31/2014 Yazen Alnouti, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Pharmacy  Pharmaceutical Sciences  In Vivo Instability and Irreversible Plasma-Protein Binding of a New Anticancer Compound NOON  MSC 2010
 11/07/2014 No Seminar - CDDN Workshop          MSC 1005
 11/14/2014 Huixin He, Ph.D.  Rutgers University  Chemistry   NOON  MSC  2018


Ram Mahato, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Pharmacy  Pharmaceutical Sciences   NOON  MSC 2018 
 12/05/2014 Joe Vetro, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Pharmacy   Pharmaceutical Sciences    NOON MSC 2018
 12/12/2014 Yuliang Zhang
Dongwei Guo 
UNMC Graduate Students      NOON MSC 2018 
 12/19/2014 Vaibhav Mundra
Hangting Hu 
UNMC Graduate Students      NOON  MSC 2010