Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars - Fall 2014

 08/29/2014 No Seminar          
 09/05/2014 Sorin Luca, Ph.D. UNMC College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Structure and function of the membrane scaffolding caveolin-1 and the holin-like CidA/LrgA membrane proteins NOON  MSC 2018 
09/05/2014 Bala Vamsi Karuturi  UNMC Graduate Student
Final Defense
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Development of EP67-based vaccines against cytomegalovirus infection


COP 1038
 09/12/2014 Peixuan Guo, Ph.D. University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Director of Nanobiotechnology Center

RNA Nanoparticles as a New Generation of Drugs, Immuno-modulators and Heat-resistant Anionic Polymers for Medical, Industrial and Nanotechnological Applications 


MSC 2018 
 09/18/2014 Tamara Minko, Ph.D. Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutics



MSC 2018 

 09/26/2014 Hangting Hu  UNMC Graduate Student
Comprehensive Exam
Pharmaceutical Sciences   NOON  CNS 3030
 10/03/2014 Michelle Combs, Ph.D.  Celerion Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology Sciences   NOON  MSC 2018

COP Seminar Joe Saseen, Pharm.D. 

University of Colorado Clinical Pharmacy and Family Medicine   NOON  DRCI 1002
 10/10/2014 Dhundy "Kiran" Bastola, Ph.D. University of Nebraska at Omaha  College of Information Science and Technolog   NOON  MSC 2010 
 10/16/2014 Patrick Stayton, Ph.D. University of Washington  Director, Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute    NOON  MSC 2018
 10/24/2014 Ken Bayles, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Medicine Pathology and Microbiology    NOON  MSC 2018
 10/31/2014 Yazen Alnouti, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Pharmacy  Pharmaceutical Sciences    NOON  MSC 2010
 11/07/2014 No Seminar - CDDN Workshop          MSC 1005
 11/14/2014 Huixin He, Ph.D.  Rutgers University  Chemistry   NOON  MSC  2018


Ram Mahato, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Pharmacy  Pharmaceutical Sciences   NOON  MSC 2018 
 12/05/2014 Joe Vetro, Ph.D.  UNMC College of Pharmacy   Pharmaceutical Sciences    NOON MSC 2018
 12/12/2014 Yuliang Zhang
Dongwei Guo 
UNMC Graduate Students      NOON MSC 2018 
 12/19/2014 Vaibhav Mundra
Hangting Hu 
UNMC Graduate Students      NOON  MSC 2010