Nanoimaging Core Facility is charging for the following services:

For all out campus users:

  • Fee for the AFM data acquisition:
  • $40/h
  • Fee for the data analysis provided by Nanoimaging Core Facility:
  • $25/h
Corporate rates available upon request.

For all campus users:

  • Fee for the AFM data acquisition:
  • $35/h
  • Training fees including use of the AFM instruments and Analysis software:
  • $20/h
  • Fee for the use of off line computers for data analysis in the Nanoimaging Core Facility:
  • $5/h

For all users:

  • Nanoimaging Core Facility provides standard AFM probes for imaging in air and liquid for all users:
  • $18 /tip

    Special AFM probes can be purchased directly from the Companies.

    All users of Nanoimaging Core Facility in their publications / presentations are asked to acknowledge:

    Nanoimaging Core Facility and grants from NIH (SIG program), UNMC Program of Excellence (POE) and Nebraska Research Initiative (NRI).

    The references for the publications/presentations where Nanoimaging Core Facility were cited would be greatly appreciated.